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Experience it all with our Israel In-Depth Tours!

Join our classic Jewish Heritage Tour to Israel program - fully escorted with a professional guide throughout. These Israel Tours are designed to cover Israel from a Jewish perspective - exploring the historical, political and religious sites and institutions that make Israel such a unique destination. On-line booking is available for all our Jewish Heritage In Depth Tours to Israel. Explore the itineraries below, or call us at 800-237-1517 to find the right tour for you!

Our Jewish Heritage Tours are currently open for booking through February 2013
. You may book for Israel Tours after this date by contacting our office directly at 800-237-1517

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9 nights - Friday Arrival - Itinerary (PDF)

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MARCH 2012 - FEBRUARY 2013 (All Dates)


For some a trip to Israel is a chance to see a few historic sites, take in a little culture and quickly fly back home. Others prefer to spend more time, truly immersing themselves in their Jewish heritage as they explore this country and all of its wonders. If you’re interested in the latter type of travel, Ayelet Tours has the experience for you. Our Jewish Heritage in-depth Israel tours give you the opportunity to really explore your roots with the benefit of a professionally trained guide.

Our 9 Night and 12 night Israel Tours begin with Friday arrivals and follow a track through Tel Aviv, the Galilee, the Dead Sea/Masada region and Jerusalem, with the 12 night tour offering an Eilat extension, plus an optional tour to Petra, Jordan.

Our 11 night and 14 night Israel Tours begin with Wednesday arrivals into Israel and follow a track through Tel Aviv, the Galilee, the Dead Sea/Masada region and Jerusalem, with the 14 night tour offering an Eilat extension, plus an optional tour to Petra, Jordan.

Ayelet Tours is a New York-based company that has specialized in Israel tour packages since 1986. On our Jewish Heritage In Depth Tours to Israel, you will see the sites, experience the adventures and enjoy the flavors of the local culture. We make it our mission to ensure that no details are left unattended so our guests can truly explore this ancient land without limitations.

We offer four different In-Depth Israel tours to meet your specific needs. They include 9, 11, 12 and 14-night stays in the country, along with hands-on activities, some meals, sightseeing and much more. Each of our in-depth tours provides our guests with the opportunity to see and experience a wide variety of adventures while they are in the country.

While the itineraries and destinations vary from package to package, guests on our Israel tours can expect the following:

Visits to multiple cities – Guests on our 14-night tours, for example, have the opportunity to explore Tel Aviv, the Galilee, Jerusalem and Eilat before returning home. We even offer an optional day tour to Petra, Jordan – truly a wonder of the ancient world.

Meals – Our Israel tours include breakfast daily at your hotel.  The sumptuous Israeli breakfast offers something for everyone – from egg dishes, quiches, even local Shakshuka, to fresh cheeses and vegetables, juices, breads, cereals and more. Guests also have the opportunity to enjoy two Kibbutz dinners in the north.  When visiting the Dead Sea, all guests are offered lunch.

Adventures – The actual stops on our Israel tour packages do vary, but guests can expect to see Israel from top to bottom – exploring such sites as the Old City of Jerusalem, The Dead Sea and Masada, The Mediterranean Coastline, Rambam’s Grave, Ceasarea, the Golan Heights and much more.  These tours also offer guests the chance to enjoy unique experiences such as riding in a Jeep or taking a dip in the thermal springs at Gan Sachne (weather permitting).

When you are ready to experience the wonders of Israel, our in-depth tours provide you the ability to do so. To find out more about these Israel tours, our Bar Mitzvah Tours, L’Dor V’Dor Family packages and more, just explore our website. You can also contact us directly for information by emailing ayelet@ayelet.com or by calling 1-800-237-1517.

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