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Discover the beauty of Petra's ancient Nabatean wonders!

Jordan Extensions Provide Options For Your Israel Tour

When Jordan and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1994, a whole new world of travel possibilities opened up to visitors to the Middle East.  Whether you come along on one of our regular Israel tours or just want to have the benefit of an experienced guide for a quick trip into Jordan, Ayelet Tours can accommodate. We run a regular itinerary of Jordan tours throughout the year that bring the wonders and beauty of this country to life for our guests.

At Ayelet Tours, we have been helping others explore the beauty of Israel and other nearby countries since 1986. Our tour to Israel packages are among the best-known and best loved available. Serving clients from America and beyond, our Israel tour packages include a wide variety of historic sites, activities and more.


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Our Jordan tours can be taken on their own or added onto an Israel tour. We offer both three day and four day excursions into this beautiful land. In addition, we arrange daily excursions to Petra, Jordan for travelers staying in Eilat.  Travelers to Jordan on one of our offered programs have the chance to see a completely different side of the Middle East:

A chance to see amazing sites – Just like our Israel tours, our Jordanian adventures include breathtaking and historically significant sites. Stops include Petra, the city of Amman, the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, Mt. Nebo, the Shobak (Crusaders Castle) and more. Our guests are able to see and do as much as possible on our Jordan extension tours.

The opportunity to enjoy amazing experiences – When guests travel with us, they will also experience activities they wouldn’t be able to partake in anywhere else. Imagine horseback riding through the famed crescent canyon of Petra, or taking a camel through the Nabatean ruins themselves. On our tours, you’ll be able to do these things and much more.

At Ayelet Tours, it is our pleasure to bring the beauty and unique culture of Jordan to life for our guests. Whether you take part in a congregational tour, one of our guaranteed departure tours or even our Bar Mitzvah tours, Israel and its surrounding countries are lands that are well worth visiting.

To find out more about any of our tours, just review the options on our website. We offer packages that depart throughout the year. To contact us directly, just email ayelet@ayelet.com or call 1-800-237-1517. Ayelet Tours is happy to share the amazing sites of this region with guests from all over the world.

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