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New Reservation - ACC-GTM 2023 CONVENTION<br>San Diego, CA<br>June 26 - 28, 2023 - Shopping Results - Ayelet Tours - Israel Tours - Jewish Heritage Tours - Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours - Group Tours Worldwide


San Diego, CA
June 26 - 28, 2023

3 Days Participant(s) 


The Rancho Bernardo Inn
San Diego, CA

Monday, June 26 - Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Registrant Information:

   Name for Badge:
   Participant Type
   Congregation Name:

Please check the box below if this will be your first time attending an ACC/GTM convention:
   I am a First Time Convention Attendee!


Early Bird Rates are valid through March 1, 2023. Late Fee rates begin on May 21, 2023.

In an effort to better portray the actual cost of convention registrations, the ACC-GTM has changed the structure of our registration fees.
There are now both unsubsidized and subsidized registration fees for all attendees who register by the various deadlines.
We hope that those with financial means will register under the "unsubsidized" or full fee for convention, which better reflects the
actual costs of meals, scholars, transportation, audio-visual, etc. The subsidized fees are directly underwritten by your colleagues.
Donations made to the convention underwriting fund offset the actual convention costs and help make convention more affordable.
We invite you to register using whichever fee you are comfortable.

The registration fee includes all group meals, all workshops, and the final banquet.
   ACC/GTM Regular or Associate Member - Unsubsidized
   ACC/GTM Regular or Associate Member - Subsidized
   Cantors Assembly Member
   ACC/GTM Retired Member (full convention registration)
   HUC Student
   Pre-Paid/Accepted Exhibitors
   Other Seminary Student (GTM Member)
Registered Spouse / Partner Name:
Spouse/Partner Registrant
   Child(ren) age 12+
Child Registrant
   Child(ren) age 3-11
Child Registrant
   Child(ren) under 3
Child Registrant
   One day only pass


   Chai Tide Surf Experience with Billy Tiep Monday Morning



Assistance is available for the convention for any member-in-good-standing of the ACC or GTM whether you are working or retired.
Please request a copy of the form or download the form on the ACC website and submit it to the ACC office via email
(rroth@accantors.org) or via fax at 847-781-7801. The scholarship application deadline is February 28, 2023. Determinations will be
made by mid-March.


Please indicate your meal preference and attendance at the following meals/events. If you are not planning to attend a meal or
program, please check "not attending" below so we can plan accordingly. Note: The ACC serves kosher-style meals and has vegetarian options for all meals.
If you require Kosher meals, a special meal will be provided to you instead of whatever meal is offered by the hotel.
Please list all food allergies in the space provided later in the registration process.


   Monday Dinner Registrant
   Monday Dinner Registered Spouse/Partner
   Monday Dinner Registered Child 12+
   Monday Dinner Registered Child 3-11
   Monday Dinner Non-Registered Guest - Adult/Child 12+
   Tuesday Lunch Registrant
   Tuesday Lunch Registered Spouse/Partner
   Tuesday Lunch Registered Child 12+
   Tuesday Lunch Registered Child 3-11
   Tuesday Lunch Non-Registered Guest - Adult/Child 12+
   Tuesday Dinner Registrant
   Tuesday Dinner Registered Spouse/Partner
   Tuesday Dinner Registered Child 12+
   Tuesday Dinner Registered Child 3-11
   Tuesday Dinner Non-Registered Guest - Adult/Child 12+
   Wednesday Lunch Registrant
   Wednesday Lunch Registered Spouse/Partner
   Wednesday Lunch Registered Child 12+
   Wednesday Lunch Registered Child 3-11
   Wednesday Lunch Non-Registered Guest - Adult/Child 12+
   Wednesday Closing Banquet Registrant
   Wednesday Closing Banquet Registered Spouse/Partner
   Wednesday Closing Banquet Registered Child 12+
   Wednesday Closing Banquet Registered Child 3-11
   Wednesday Banquet Non-Registered Guest - Adult/Child 12+


Donate to the ACC-GTM Convention to help support the programming, events, and special projects.
Click here for more information regarding convention underwriting opportunities.
There are several ways to contribute to the convention:

1. Scholarships I would like to contribute funds so that other colleagues can afford to attend this convention and future conventions.
   Please accept my donation to the ACC/GTM Convention Scholarship Fund.
Donation Amount:

2. Convention Underwriting Fund I would like to contribute funds to assist in underwriting a portion of this year's convention. See the attached PDF for specific opportunities.
   Please accept my donation to underwrite a program or offset convention costs.
Donation Amount:

3. Tribute Slide Show - please stay tuned for a separate letter about how you or your congregation can place an ad in the tribute slide show. Contributions to the tribute slide show help to offset the general operating budget for the convention.

Additional Donation Opportunities
   Mazon - I would like to make a donation to Mazon, the Jewish Response to Hunger, in the amount of $18.

   ACC Chesed Fund Donation
Donation Amount:
All donations will be acknowledged in the convention tribute slide show.


Participation is an important aspect of the Convention, and we will do our best to include as many people as possible.
To be considered for a particular role in the convention, please register as early as possible.
Note that not all volunteers will be chosen to participate.
We will attempt to notify all participants as soon after the early bird deadline as possible.

Those members who have not taken a significant role in either tefilah, concert, or major program at an ACC/GTM
convention or URJ National Biennial in the past two years will be given first priority.

Musical and Tefilah Participation:

   Voice Part
   I would love to be involved in Tefilah. I am particularly skilled at:
   I volunteer to accompany Tefilah
   I play the following instruments
   Lead Hamotzi
   Birkat Hamazon
   I volunteer to accompany another convention activity
   I'd love to help out and moderate a workshop (assist workshop presenter(s) with logistical needs, introduce presenter, etc.)
   Professional Theater Acting Background


As a reminder, the ACC-GTM Convention Committee and Ayelet Tours have worked hard to secure a fair price for the hotel block during
our convention. Although a lower rate may be available on certain discount hotel websites, when you book outside of the Convention
process, you risk the Convention's ability to fulfill our financial commitment to the hotel and therefore risk the Convention possibly
needing to pay for empty hotel rooms that are not needed or other hotel services and meeting space. Based on our committed
occupancy, the hotel gives us the use of meeting space at no extra charge. When we do not fulfill our committed occupancy requirement
because people stay at other area hotels or book through discounted online providers, the Convention must pay the difference which in
turn will make future Conventions more expensive.
A $350 penalty will be assessed if you are not a local convention area resident commuting to the convention from home or if you do not book or share a room in the convention.

All hotel reservations must be made through Ayelet Tours, Ltd. and will be on a first come, first served basis. A credit card will be
required on site by the hotel to pay for your room and/or to cover any incidental charges. The room reservation deadline is May 20, 2023.

After this date, reservations will be accepted on a space availability basis only. There is a $75 penalty for hotel rooms cancelled once
booked. In addition, hotel rooms cancelled within 72 hours of arrival are subject to a one-night penalty. There is a $75 early
departure fee should you check out before your scheduled departure.

Guest rooms are 400 square feet and feature either a King bed or two Queen beds. Contact Ayelet Tours for
roll-away space and availability. Complimentary guest room Internet access and self-parking for attendees.
You can note bedding (king bed, etc.) and other special hotel requests later in the booking process.
Special requests are noted but cannot be guaranteed

The Standard Guest Room rate of $260/night is based on single or double occupancy including taxes.
The rate above is per room per night and includes taxes and fees.

One night's deposit to a major credit card or paid by check to Ayelet Tours, Ltd. is required. Please note, credit card will only be charged a
one night's deposit including taxes. Upon receipt of the hotel deposit and paid registration fee, confirmation will be forwarded to you.
No confirmation letter will be sent without a credit card or payment by check for your hotel deposit. The hotel balance is due upon departure and is payable directly to the hotel.

   I am booking or sharing a room in the Convention hotel block.
Rancho Bernardo Inn 
Standard Room ($230 nightly rate plus tax=$260)

   I am local to San Diego and will not be staying in the Convention hotel.
   I am not local to San Diego but will be finding my own accommodations. I understand I am subject to a fee of $350 for not staying in the Convention Hotel.

Guest Rooms: Note that the hotel rooms are on the first or second floor of "walk up" buildings. If you require a first-floor room, please note it below.
   I require a first-floor room
   I require a handicap accessible room

Note: A charge of $40.00 per night for more than two people in a room. Children 17 years and under may share their parent's room at no additional charge.
   Number of guests per room
   Roommate(s) (if Double, Triple, or Quad):
NOTE: You are responsible for finding your own roommate. If you need a roommate, we suggest asking colleagues via ACC or
GTM listserv or the ACC/GTM Convention Facebook page.


Payment may be made in one of the following ways:
1.  Charge your convention related fees and hotel room deposit to a credit card.
2.  Send a check payable to Ayelet Tours in the amount of your Convention related fees, including a one-night hotel deposit.
3.  Send a check for your Convention related fees and pay your hotel deposit on a credit card.
4. I will use my funds on account. Note: On the payment page, select "I will be sending a check..." and you will be contacted by the ACC office to finalize arrangements.


   By checking this box, I authorize the ACC/GTM Convention committee and their vendor of choice to record, duplicate, and sell my presentation(s) given at the 2023 ACC/GTM Convention, held in San Diego, CA.
   I opt out of the recording release.

CDs and/or MP3s may be made available on site and by mail order after the Convention to Convention attendees and ACC and GTM members. Further information will be available closer to the Convention.

Cancellation Policy: Convention fees are refundable less a $75 processing fee
before or on May 19, 2023 (also minus hotel penalty below).
Registrations cancelled on or after May 20, 2023 are subject to a $250 cancellation fee.

There is a $75 penalty for hotel rooms cancelled once booked.
Any cancellations received 72 hours or less prior to scheduled arrival are subject to one night's stay penalty.
All cancellations and changes must be made in writing to Ayelet Tours: ayelet@ayelet.com
Cancellations received after 4:00 PM EST (Monday - Friday) will be processed as though received on the next business day.
Post convention refund requests must be made by July 31, 2023.


   Internal Inventory for ACC 2023

   Inventory Management Item

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