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Ayelet Tours has been helping others experience the wonders of Israel since 1986. It is our pleasure to make travel to this land of ancient wonders and modern miracles a reality. There is no substitute for a Tour to Israel for travelers who wish to delve into their Jewish or Christian heritage, learn more about the history of their region or simply see the sites and enjoy a wonderful vacation.

A Land of Ancient Wonders and Modern Miracles, and you will be a part of it all!

Israel In-Depth
Israel In-Depth
9 nights * 11 nights
12 nights * 14 nights

Join one of these upcoming tours for a truly MEMORABLE Israel experience!

Join Rabbi Laura Geller, Richard Siegel
and Temple Emanuel
on a journey to Israel
October 17 - 26, 2010


To accommodate those who wish to take an Israel tour, we offer a variety of different packages that cover travel to Israel, Petra, Jordan, Egypt, Eastern Europe and beyond.  Our main types of Israel tours include:

Congregational Tours – while most private congregational tours are not listed on our website (as they are closed to congregation membership and friends), they represent a large part of our clientele, and a wonderful opportunity for any community.  To travel together on a tour to Israel as a community is to connect – with Israel, with your community, with your heritage.  We are so honored to work with so many congregations throughout North America to plan unique, custom tailored congregational tour experiences in Israel, and around the Jewish World.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours – Our Bar Mitzvah Tours are truly unparalleled Israel adventures for the whole family.  They include five nights in Jerusalem, two nights at a Kibbutz in the north and three nights in Tel Aviv. During these tours, families can explore their Jewish heritage together while taking in sites such throughout Israel – From the Golan Heights in the north, to the depths of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth!  The ceremony on Masada with an Israeli rabbi is a highlight of your time in Israel, and the tour also includes a gala dinner and bar/bat mitzvah party to celebrate!

Family tours – Imagine experiencing all that Israel has to offer, with the added bonus of a shared experience that will bond the generations of your family together for years to come.  Our L’Dor V’Dor family oriented Israel tours make it possible. From major destinations in Jerusalem to Galilee and even down to the Red Sea on our Eilat/Petra extension, you’ll enjoy the experience of a lifetime together.

Hadassah tours – These mission tour to Israel packages enable you to experience Israel in a whole new way, the Hadassah way.  We’ll visit the hospitals, schools and other projects of Hadassah throughout Israel, and have fun with our peers and compatriots.  Hadassah Tours to Israel often feature high level speakers such as Tova Hartman, Journalist Gil Hoffman, Maj. Gen. Giorra Eiland and more.

Biblical Journeys – These Israel tours are designed specially for Christian Holyland visitors, and focus on prominent sites and stories in the Bible. They are ideal for helping guests learn more about their Christian heritage with stops in Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Dead Sea and more.

Israel in-depth – These guaranteed departures are designed for Jewish visitors looking for a tour to Israel that covers the country and its deep religious heritage – from the time of the bible through the founding of the modern Jewish state, and through the challenges of today.  Our in-depth tours include 9, 11, 12 and 14 nights options to best fit your schedule.  The tours are filled with opportunities for exploration, learning and discovery.

Highlights tours – See the major destinations that make Israel such a special place on these compact and budget minded tours that last eight days and seven nights.

At Ayelet Tours, it is our aim to ensure our guests experience the wonders of Israel. To find out more about any of our Israel tours, just take a look at our upcoming schedules. You can also email us at ayelet@ayelet.com or call 1-800-237-1517.

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Ayelet Israel Tours

Ayelet Israel Tours
Ayelet Israel Tours